Reproductive ServicesEVH offers a variety of reproductive services including artificial insemination using fresh cooled and frozen semen, embryo-transfer and management of mares with uterine culture, uterine biopsy, and uterine infusions and lavages. Reproductive surgeries are also available. Recto-vaginal laceration repair, ovariectomy and urethroplasty are a few of the commonly performed surgeries. We also offer mare foal out services with the aid of the foalert monitoring system. This system allows our veterinarians and technician, who on on-site 24 hours a day, to be immediately notified when the mare begins to foal. Early intervention is often the difference between life and death for foals when difficulties arise.

We also offer intensive neonatal care to support any foals that are not able to stand or nurse after foaling. Choosing a facility that has this capability gives your foal the best chance of survival.